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1st To Die Book Review star

3rd to Die Book Review star

A Catered Costume Party Book Review star
Bernie and Libby Simmons, owners of A Taste of Heaven, are catering a Halloween party at the newly remodeled, upscale apartment building Berkshire Arms which they believe is haunted due to a murder when it was the Peabody Hotel. The host is murdered, and the sisters want to solve the mystery.

A Catered Costume Party Book Review star

A Cold Day in Hell Book Review star
Lauren Riley is a detective for the Buffalo Police Department. Her specialty is cold cases, and she is very good. However, when she is convinced that a teen is innocent of a murder, she agrees to work as an investigator for the defense to get him off. It just may end her career.

A Cold Day in Hell Book Review star

A Cold Trail star

A Deadly Eclair Book Review star
Mimi Rousseau has just opened her dream bistro and inn with the financial help of her friend and mentor, Bryan Baker. Things are going well until he is found murdered. She is a prime suspect and must find the real murderer before she is locked up forever.

A Deadly Éclair Book Review star

A Death in Sweden Book Review star

A Doll´s House Book Review star

A Fragile Thing Book Review star
Billionaire Max Emerson travels to his family home after learning of his parent's tragic deaths in a suspicious automobile accident. He hasn't seen his family for several years, since he was essentially disowned, and must work against his family & law enforcement to find who murdered his parents.

A Fragile Thing Book Review star

A Good Killing Book Review star

A Man of Some Repute Book Review star

A Matter of Revenge Book Review star

A Minor Deception star

A Minor Deception Book Review star
Here's a fascinating mystery set in the time of beloved composer, Franz Joseph Haydn; he is the main character and is preparing music for the upcoming visit of the Empress. His principal violinist is causing havoc, and the discovery of a murdered body also complicates things.

A Murderous Mind Book Review star
When Leanne Bolter is found brutally murdered in her flat, her flatmates are feeling guilty since they didn't hear a thing. The murderer has killed before, and it turns out there are almost a dozen cold cases that are related. There is no evidence, however, and the murderer may just go free.

A Necessary End Book Review star

A Perilous Undertaking Book Review star
Veronica Speedwell is one of the most unique protagonists in the suspense/thriller genre and makes for an interesting read. When Veronica is asked by the Queen's daughter to find a murderer, she goes about it very differently than most Detectives. Fascinating and Fun.

A Perilous Undertaking Book Review star

A Question of Betrayal star

A Question of Inheritance Book Review star
The English story set in Selchester Castle during the early 1950s continues, with a new heir and a new murder.

A Scone to Die For Book Review star

A Slice of Murder Book Review star

A Souffle of Suspician star

A Spell in France star

A Time To Kill Book Review star

A Woman Found Dead in a Farmhouse Book Review star

Alex Cross, Run Book Review star

All the Little Liars Book Review star
Roe and her new husband Robin are coping with the disappearance of Roe's half-brother, Phillip, and several of his friends. Are they still alive? How could an entire group of kids go missing? Hopefully, Roe who is an amateur sleuth, can find them before it's too late.

All the Little Liars Book Review star

All These Perfect Strangers Book Review star
Penelope Sheppard has received a scholarship at a prestigious college in Australia. Death seems to follow her around, and three of her fellow students are murdered. There is much suspense in this psychological thriller.

Along Came a Spider Book Review star

American Infidel Book Review star

An Echo of Murder Book Review star
Monk investigates especially grisly murder in the Hungarian section of Victorian London, and since investigations were fairly slow, more bodies begin to pile up. He seeks help from his wife Hester, as well as a disturbed war veteran.

An Echo of Murder Book Review star

Angels Burning Book Review star

Auditory Viewpoint Book Review star

Backfire Book Review star

Bad Blood Book Review star

Bare Bones Book Review star

Beautiful Losers Book Review star

Beignets and Broomsticks star

Bel, Book and Scandal Book Review star
Seasoned chef, Bel McGrath, fancies herself as an amateur sleuth, and when she sees a picture of her best friend who disappeared decades ago, decides to investigate. Of course, she puts her life and others in danger, and there are several suspenseful moments. A fun series to read.

Bel, Book and Scandal Book Review star

Believing The Lie Book Review star

Between Black and White Book Review star

Bleak Harbor star

Blood Lines star

Blood Lines Book Review star
Can a psychopath manipulate her nemesis Kim Stone even from prison? Detective Kim Stone is on the edge and may not be successful in solving a series of murders due to Dr. Alex Thorne, and her personal sanity is at stake in the 5th installment of the series.

Blueblood Book Review star

Bomb Shell Book Review star

Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber Book Review star

Brew or Die star

Bridesmaids Revisited Book Review star
Ellie Haskell is invited to meet with her Grandmother's childhood friends. They claim that her Grandmother wants to talk to her. The problem is that her Grandmother is long dead. Against her better judgment, Ellie gets caught up in uncovering family secrets and danger.

Bridesmaids Revisited Book Review star

Burglars Can´t Be Choosers Book Review star

Buried in Beignets Book Review star

Cain´s Blood Book Review star

Case of the Curious Cook Book Review star

Caught Bread Handed Book Review star
Jules Capshaw is working in her family bakeshop, Torte, and enjoying being back in her hometown. However, when a tacky chain restaurant that doesn't fit the Shakespearean theme of the town is opened and the owner is murdered, Jules starts investigating.

Caught Bread Handed Book Review star

Christmas Sweets star

Close to Home Book Review star
Tracy Crosswise is back and investigating a hit and run that killed a 12 year old boy. The suspect is in the navy and the navy takes over the investigation, but botches it and Tracy stays involved.

Close to Home Book Review star

Cold Shot Book Review star

Collecting the Dead Book Review star
Mangus Craig, "Steps," has a special ability which allows him to see the essence or aura of people. This is helpful in his job with a special tracking unit of the FBI. He and his partners are tracking a man referred to as the Sad Face Killer, and must find him before more bodies turn up.

Coma Book Review star

Compelling Evidence Book Review star

Cookin? the Books star

Cross Bones Book Review star

Cross My Heart Book Review star

Cross the Line star

Dance with the Enemy Book Review star

Dangerous Girl Book Review star

Dark Houses Book Review star
The murdered body of a young girl is discovered in an empty house, and DI Stephen Greco and his team must investigate and find the perpetrator before more of the same occurs. However, DI Greco has personal problems of his own to solve, and his personal relationships may be at risk.

Dark Sacred Night star

Darkest Fear Book Review star

Dead Cold Book Review star
A serial killer is leaving frozen body parts at several crime scenes. The case intrigues Detective Emily Stone, who works cases covertly, and she and her team may not be able to survive this case.

Dead Cold Book Review star

Deadline Istanbul Book Review star

Deadline Yemen Book Review star

Deadlock Book Review star

Deadly Provocation Book Review star

Deadly Stakes Book Review star

Deal Breaker Book Review star

Death Before Decaf Book Review star

Death Crashes the Party Book Review star
Liv McKay is a party planner in the small southern town of Dixie, Tennessee. While meeting with a client, she discovers a dead body in the freezer. She and her best friend Di Souther work together to find the murderer. This book has plenty of humor as well as twists and turns.

Death in Nostalgia City Book Review star

Death in Paradise Book Review star
Henrie O receives information in the mail that makes her doubt that her husband's death six years ago was an accident. She travels to a beautiful mansion in Kahui and manipulates her way into staying so she can investigate her husband's death, putting herself and other in grave danger.

Death in the Stocks star

Death in the Stocks star

death in the Stocks star

Depraved Heart Book Review star

Descent Book Review star
A missing child is probably the most horrifying scenario that can happen to a family. When the Courtland family is on vacation, their son is injured and their daughter disappears. The novel follows the characters and the psychological changes they go through during this ordeal.

Die Again Tomorrow Book Review star

Discretion Book Review star

Double Whammy Book Review star

Dressed To Kill Book Review star
A very nasty woman, Mrs. Pryce, is found murdered in her neighborhood in Bath. There are dozens of suspects, and Joanna Mackenzie becomes involved in the investigation and must work with her former boss and lover James Carrick.

Dying Truth Book Review star

Easy Bake Coven Book Review star

Echo Burning Book Review star

Edinburgh Twilight Book Review star
Ian Hamilton, a new detective, discovers a strangled body in Holyrood Park. Although he has very little experience, he is assigned the case and must find the murderer since more bodies are being discovered.

Edinburgh Twilight Book Review star

Egg Drop Dead Book Review star
Suzanne pays a visit to a food vendor and discovers his murdered body; she and her fellow Cackleberry Club members vow to find the murderer. Great recipes are included

Egg Drop Dead Book Review star

Ember Island Book Review star

Ensconced Book Review star

Exposed Book Review star
Mary DiNunzio and her law partner, Bennie Rosato are pitted against each other in this excellent novel, and things threaten to get out of hand. Plenty of suspense and the book will keep readers on the edge.

Exposed Book Review star

Fade Away Book Review star

Fake Truth Book Review star

Fan Mail Book Review star

Far From True Book Review star

fatal Cajun Festival Book Review star

Fearless Girl Book Review star

Final Fondue Book Review star

Final Judgment Book Review star

Flashback Book Review star

Flesh and Blood Book Review star

Flight Risk star

Flipped for Murder Book Review star
In this light culinary mystery, Robbie Jordan opens a country store/restaurant and a difficult acquaintance is found murdered with one of Robbie's distinctive cheese biscuits in her mouth. Robbie becomes the number one suspect and must prove her innocence.

Forget Her Name star

Forget Her Name Book Review star
Catherine's malevolent older sister, Rachel, died in a skiing accident in Switzerland years before, or did she? Someone is trying to ruin Catherine's wedding,, and all clues point to Rachel

Forgotten Boxes Book Review star
Charity Gannon discovers some undelivered boxes from 31 years prior while cleaning out her Aunt's shed after settling her Aunt's estate. Thinking it would be fun to deliver them and surprise the recipients, Charity puts herself in danger and tries to unravel a 31 year old mystery.

Forgotten Boxes Book Review star

Friend of the Devil Book Review star
Did Joseph Soderini de Avenzano sell his soul to the devil to become the most famous chef in America? There are suspicious goings on at his famous Palm Beach restaurant, and David Fox is a journalist writing de Avenzano's biography.

Friend of the Devil Book Review star

Gallows View Book Review star

Galway Girl Book Review star

Girl in Snow Book Review star
Written in the style of Gone Girl, this fascinating debut novel tells the story of a murdered 15 year old girl through the eyes of Cameron, who stalked her, Jude, who hated her, and Russ who is investigating the murder. Well-written and fascinating.

Girl in Snow Book Review star

Girl Number One Book Review star
Ellie Blackwood witnessed her mother's murder when she was six. On the 18th anniversary of her mother's death, Ellie finds a woman's body where her mother was murdered. A #3 on the woman's forehead and then a #2 on another body she finds convince Ellie that she is #1 and in grave danger.

Girl Number One Book Review star

Girl on the Run Book Review star
Chessa Paxton has been dreaming of planning and designing costumes for an event like The Happily Ever After Ball, and everything has turned out perfectly, that is until her husband is murdered and there is a massacre including several guests. Chessa is the main suspect and must run.

Girl on the Run Book Review star

Glimpse of Sunlight Book Review star

Gone Girl Book Review star

Goodbye Cruller World star

Guilt Book Review star

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s Stone Book Review star

Her Final Breath Book Review star

Her Final Hour star

Her Last Secret star

Her Last Secret Book Review star
When an entire family is found murdered in their home on Christmas Day, the suspense begins to build. Finding out what happened will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Hidden Salem Book Review star

High Kicks Hot Chocolate and Homicides Book Review star
Five friends who dance semi-professionally and call themselves the Happy Hoofers, are excited to dance in the Christmas program with the Rockettes. However, things get dangerous when some of the dancers are murdered.

High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicides Book Review star

Hope to Die Book Review star

House of Spies Book Review star

I am that Fool Book Review star

I See You Book Review star
Zoe Walker sees her picture in an ad for a strange website, and then finds others who have had the same experience are being hurt or murdered. The police aren't too worried, but Zoe is diligent in getting them to help before something terrible happens to her.

I See You Book Review star

Importance of being Urnest Book Review star

It's Always the Husband Book Review star
Three college roommates at a New England Ivy League college stay friends (and frenemies) throughout their lives, influenced especially by Kate, a narcissistic beauty who ends up murdered. Readers will have no idea whodunit until the very end.

It´s Always the Husband Book Review star

Jealousy Filled Donuts star

Judge & Jury Book Review star

Kane & Abel Book Review star

Killer Book Review star

Killer Reunion Book Review star
Savannah and her husband Dirk travel back to her home town to attend her 25th high school reunion. Savannah's nemesis is found murdered and she is the main suspect.

Killer Reunion Book Review star

Killing Floor Book Review star

King and Maxwell Book Review star

Knock Knock Book Review star

Knots & Crosses Book Review star

Last Day Book Review star

Last Girl Standing star

Lazarus Book Review star

Liar, Liar star

Liar, Liar star

Liar, Liar Book Review star
Didi Storm, a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas, has been missing for 20 years; it is rumored that she has jumped from a tall building. Her daughter, Remmi witnesses the jump and learns that it isn't her mother. Why, after 20 years, has Didi gotten new press, and what really happened to her?

Lie to Me Book Review star

Life Support Book Review star

Look for Me Book Review star
Roxanna Baez' dysfunctional family has been murdered, and she's missing. D.D. Warren solicits the help of kidnapping survivor, Flora Dane, to help in the investigation.

Looking Glass Killer Book Review star

Love You to Death Book Review star
This is the first installment in the Ruby Preston Crime Series; Ruby is a police detective with romantic ties to her first love, Nathan, who is the head of a crime family. While investigating several serial murders, she finds she is an intended victim and turns to Nathan's family for help.

Love You to Death Book Review star

Mai Tai One On star

Merry Christmas Alex Cross Book Review star

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue Book Review star

Miracle Cure Book Review star

Missing Pieces Book Review star
When Sarah Quinlan visits her husband Jack's childhood home for the first time, she learns that she has been lied to and that Jack's dysfunctional family is involved in more than one suspicious death.

Mistletoe, Moussaka and Murder Book Review star

Money, Mishaps and Murder Book Review star
The grisly murders of two people are being investigated by CPI Dexter Smalacombe and his new sergeant, Emily Corndon. The murders don't seem to be connected, but as they delve further and find new clues, the connections become obvious, and the twists and turns will keep readers on edge.

Motive Book Review star

Moving Target Book Review star

Mrs. Pargeter´s Public Relations star

Much Ado about Nutmeg Book Review star

Mug Shot Book Review star

Murder at Rough Point star

Murder at Rough Point Book Review star
Noted reporter and sleuth, Emma Cross, is invited to an artist's gathering to report on the happenings. When one of the artists is found murdered, and the weather makes it impossible for anyone to leave, the suspense builds, and everyone feels they are in danger.

Murder in an Irish Cottage Book Review star

Murder in an Irish Pub star

Murder in Montparnasse star

Murder in Montparnasse Book Review star
Phryne Fisher, protagonist in the series bearing her name, helps some friends solve two murders, and prevent their murders. Phryne is a delightful character and readers of historical fiction will enjoy this novel.

Murder in the Park Book Review star

Murder Lo Mein star

Murder Most Malicious Book Review star

Murder on the Eiffel Tower Book Review star
The Eiffel Tower is new and visitors are flocking to see it. Victor Legris, a young bookstore owner, is present when a woman is stung by a bee and dies. More similar deaths occur and he begins investigating. Is it simply death by bee sting, or are these victims being murdered?

Murder on the Eiffel Tower Book Review star

Murder under the Covered Bridge Book Review star
Three friends are having a photo shoot to cross an item off their bucket list, and discover gunshots that are too close for comfort. They find the victim near the water, & since he is unconscious, can get no clues from him. They team up to find the would-be murderer & find themselves in danger.

Murder under the Covered Bridge Book Review star

Murder with Cherry Tarts Book Review star

Natchez Burning Book Review star

Never Let You Go star

Never Let You Go Book Review star
When her abusive ex-husband is released from prison, Lindsay, who has started a new life in a new town, finds she is being followed and someone is searching her home. Convinced it is her ex, she must rely on friends to keep her out of danger.

New York Dead Book Review star

Nighttime Is My Time Book Review star

No Time to Die Book Review star

Nogged Off Book Review star

Of Spice and Men star

One of Us Book Review star

One Right Thing Book Review star
While driving through a rural Virginia town, Marty recognizes a man on a billboard that he put away for murder and knows this man served his time. He has recently been murdered, and Marty feels that it is the right thing to solve the murder.

One Right Thing Book Review star

Orchid Beach Book Review star

Ordinance 92 Book Review star

Original Death Book Review star

Pacific Burn Book Review star

Pacific Vortex Book Review star

Path of the Assassin Book Review star

Pawsitively Poisonous star

Playing with Fire Book Review star

Poison Book Review star

Post-Mortem Book Review star

Power Play Book Review star

Pressing the Issue Book Review star

Purged Book Review star

Quiet Neighbors Book Review star
Jude has run away to a small town with a messy bookstore where she is hired to organize the books. She lives in the gravediggers cottage, and while a little eerie, finds her neighbors are very quiet.

Raspberry Danish Murder star

Raven Sisters Book Review star
Franza Oberweiser and her team are trying to solve a brutal murder and everything points to the victim's foster sister, who has been reported missing. Things don't quite add up, however, and while following clues, Franza exposes long-buried secrets that involve jealousy, murder, and blackmail.

Raven Sisters Book Review star

Reckless Girl Book Review star

Redemption Book Review star

Relic Book Review star

Rise of the Enemy Book Review star
Carl Logan is back in the second book of the Enemy Series. He is captured and tortured by the Russians and it seems that his agency has set him up.

Risky Biscuits Book Review star

Ruby Silver Book Review star

Rules of Prey Book Review star

Run for the Money Book Review star

Russian Roulette Book Review star

Rusted Rails Book Review star

Saving Anna Book Review star

Secret Service star

Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness star

She´s Not There Book Review star

Shutter Island Book Review star

Sifting through the clues star

Silent Night Book Review star

Silk Book Review star
Victorian England is upset by Jack the Ripper, as well as several murders of women who have been strangled by a silk scarf. Viscount William Everhard's mistress is one of the victims; he is searching for a new mistress, while Detective Inspector Bloodstone is trying to solve the cases.

Silk Book Review star

Six Cloves Under Book Review star

Sleep No More Book Review star

Sleeping Beauty Book Review star

Snakes and Ladders star

Something Evil Comes Book Review star
When a body is found in a sarcophagus on the grounds of a church, Kate Hanson and her UCU team are called in to investigate. This leads to much suspense and danger.

Something Evil Comes Book Review star

Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse Book Review star

Speaking in Bones Book Review star

Split Second Book Review star

Stalker star

Stalker Book Review star
Joona Linna comes back after having been missing for several years and teams up with Erik Maria Bark to solve a series of bizarre murders where videos of the victims are sent to Swedish National Crime just before they occur.

Stay Close Book Review star

Still Life Book Review star

Stillhouse Lake star

Stillhouse Lake Book Review star
Gina Royal learns that her husband is a serial killer, and after being found innocent of accessory to murder charges, takes her children and changes her identity. But when she moves to Stillhouse Lake and bodies begin to show up, she becomes a suspect.

Tea Cups & Tiger Claws Book Review star

The 12th of Never Book Review star

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle star

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Book Review star
Aiden Bishop sees the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle through different hosts each day. The only way for him to escape is to solve the murder. Innovative and fascinating - a must read.

The 7th Cannon Book Review star
Father Thomas Martin runs a shelter in the dangerous Tenderloin district and is accused of the murder of a young boy when he discovers his body. He is being framed, and attorney Peter Donley is trying to find a way to prove he is innocent. This is a very suspenseful and well-written novel.

The 7th Canon Book Review star

The Accidental Assassin Book Review star

The Amber Room Book Review star

The Argentine Triangle Book Review star

The Athena Project Book Review star

The Bat Book Review star

The Beast Book Review star

The Black Box Book Review star

The Black Echo Book Review star

The Bone Bed Book Review star

The Bone Collector Book Review star

The Bone Garden Book Review star

The Book of Life Book Review star

The Bookseller Book Review star

The Broken Girls star

The Broken Girls Book Review star
Journalist Fiona Sheridan is writing a story on an old abandoned boarding school that is in the process of being restored. She gets involved in the events which puts her and others in danger while unraveling the long-buried mysteries

The Candy Cane Caper star

The Cardinal´s Sin Book Review star

The Case of the Curious Cook Book Review star
The women who run The WISE Enquiries Agency become involved in the murder investigation of a famous artist whose brother is the prime suspect. The quaint setting in Wales makes the novel charming; it is a quick and fun read.

The Case of the Purloined Painting Book Review star

The Case of the Yellow Diamond Book Review star
Sean Sean gets mixed up in a smuggling and murder plot which takes place of the island of Yap.

The Casual Vacancy Book Review star

The Collector Book Review star

The Cove Book Review star

The Crossing Book Review star

The Cruising Serial Killer Book Review star

The Crypt Thief Book Review star

The Cuckoo´s Calling Book Review star

The Cupcake Caper star

The Cutting Edge star

The Cutting Edge Book Review star
Lincoln and Amelia become involved in the investigation of several murders of jewelers and engaged couples. "The Promiser" causes panic in the area, and there is plenty of building suspense.

The Cutting Place Book Review star

The Dead Key Book Review star

The Deepest Dark Book Review star

The Devil You Know Book Review star

The Devil´s Violin Book Review star

The Doll's House Book Review star
Ruby Sprackling is being held in a cellar by a madman, and may be subjected to the same fate as the girls before her who have been starved to death. DI Helen Grace is called in, but the conflict and problems in her department are preventing her from solving the case.

The Eighth Sister Book Review star

The End, My Friend star

The English Spy Book Review star

The Escalante Enigma Book Review star

The Escape Book Review star

The ET Murders Book Review star

The Farm Book Review star

The Fire Witness star

The Five Matchboxes Book Review star
Granville Collins has been found shot in his office, just like the note received by the police said he would. However, the police were watching the office; no one entered or exited. Inspector Garth has the daunting job of finding the killer.

The Five Matchboxes Book Review star

The Fix Book Review star
Amos Decker is back, and he's witnessed a murder on a sidewalk outside the FBI building. The DIA wants to investigate, and wants Decker to stay out, but his skills are needed, and this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Fix Book Review star

The Flight Attendant Book Review star
Flight attendant, Cassie Bowden wakes up after an alcoholic blackout to find the man she had spent the night with dead. His throat had been slashed and she is also covered in blood. She is, of course, the prime suspect, but can't remember whether or not she killed him.

The Flight Attendant Book Review star

The Forgotten - David Baldacci star

The Gail Force star

The Gail Force Book Review star
Jake Travis goes undercover for the FBI to expose a corrupt art dealer and murderer. In doing so, he puts himself and his colleagues in grave danger. Plenty of suspense.

The Girl Beneath the Sea Book Review star

The Girl on the Train star

The Heist Book Review star

The Hit Book Review star

The House of Memory Book Review star
Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of the famous writer, Scott Fitzgerald, has hired Raissa and Reginald from the Pluto's Snitch agency which specializes in the occult, to help her friend, Camilla who is in an asylum awaiting a lobotomy. There is plenty of suspense and a few surprises.

The House of Memory Book Review star

The Hunger Games Book Review star

The Impossible Dead Book Review star

The Innocent Book Review star

The Kill Artist Book Review star

The Last Man Book Review star

The Lions of Lucerne Book Review star

The Lost Symbol Book Review star

The Monticello Project star

The Murdered Banker Book Review star

The Murderer´s Daughter Book Review star

The Museum of Desire star

The Next Girl star

The Organ Takers Book Review star

The Passenger Book Review star

The Price of Honor Book Review star

The Queen's Accomplice Book Review star
Maggie Hope is a unique and likable character, and in the sixth installment does not disappoint in her quest to find a Jack the Ripper copycat murderer, and to get the women who serve during the war effort the pay and benefits they have earned.

The Queen´s Accomplice Book Review star

The Racketeer Book Review star

The Redbreast Book Review star

The Sandman star

The Sandman Book Review star
Jurek Walters, notorious serial killer, has been locked up for years, but people are still disappearing. When one of his victims is found wandering, Joona Linna must find Walter's accomplice by infiltrating the mental hospital where Walters is being held.

The Scam Book Review star

The Seagull Book Review star
Vera Stanhope is not your typical detective, but she's clever and smart and is able to solve homicides in her small English town. When she agrees to look in on a prison inmate's daughter in exchange for information on solving a cold case, the suspense builds and danger is around every corner.

The Seagull Book Review star

The Shape of Night star

The Short Drop Book Review star
Suzanne Lombard, daughter of a US senator and now Vice President, disappeared 10 years ago and was never found. Gilbert Vaughan is hired to find her, Investigating turns out to be very dangerous, and Gilbert just may be a victim of the short drop.

The Silent Girl Book Review star

The Skeleton in the Closet Book Review star

The Skin Collector star

The Spike Book Review star
After witnessing a murder, Marty Singer is hired by the victim's family to find her killer. While investigating, he finds himself battling corrupt businessmen and a politician.

The Spike Book Review star

The Spy Among Us star

The Spy Among Us Book Review star
Christie Cole, FBI special agent, must leave her husband and child to go to Moscow. Her mission is to find the spy working inside who is responsible for the assassination of Task Force agents. The ending is surprising.

The Summons Book Review star

The Switch Book Review star
An accidental switch of laptops in the airport security line has life-changing consequences for Michael Tanner, owner of a fledgling gourmet coffee company, when he finds the laptop he takes home belongs to a powerful US senator and that the laptop contains top secret security information.

The Switch Book Review star

The Tenant Book Review star

The Third Victim Book Review star
Robin Lockwood has just landed a job with one of the toughest lawyers around and she is helping defend another lawyer in a murder he says he didn't commit. There are plenty of twists and turns - Margolin has written a novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The Third Victim Book Review star

The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton Book Review star
Set in New Zealand, this new series is fascinating. Although Magdelene Lynton died almost 40 years prior, the facts don't add up and Ngaire Blakes investigates what really happened.

The Trapped Girl star

The Trapped Girl Book Review star
Tracy Crosswhite and her Seattle team of detectives investigate the body of a woman found submerged in a crab pot on Puget Sound. They believe it is the body of a missing woman and the missing woman's husband is the main suspect. Twists, turns, and surprises abound.

The Unclaimed Victim Book Review star
Kris Wiley refuses to believe that the body parts she is shown in the sheriff's office are those of her father. Back in the 30s there were murders that are still unsolved and the body parts she is supposed to identify as her father's fit with what happened so long ago. Is it really him?

The Unclaimed Victim Book Review star

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra Book Review star

The Vanishing Wife Book Review star

The Washington Lawyer Book Review star

The Waters of Eternal Youth Book Review star
Commisario Guido Brunetti is asked to investigate a near-drowning that happened 15 years previously. Although reluctant, he feels obligated, and his investigation leads to plenty of suspense and ultimately murder.

The Wife Before Me star

The Will of the Enemy Book Review star

The Witch of Wanchai Book Review star

The Witch´s Revenge Book Review star

The Woman who Couldn´t Remember but Didn´t Forget Book Review star

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer star

Thief's Mark Book Review star
FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are on their honeymoon in Ireland when they become involved in assisting M15 with a murder involving a notorious art thief. This is a romantic thriller and is great fun.

Thief´s Mark Book Review star

Thief´s Mark Book Review star

Three Little Lies Book Review star

Tiddly Jinx Book Review star

Try Not to Breathe Book Review star
Alex Dale is trying to turn her career around by publishing an article on Amy Stephenson, who has been in a vegetative state for 15 years after someone attempted to murder her. Alex' investigation causes quite a stir, and the suspense is palpable as she tries to uncover the facts.

Turkey Trot Murder Book Review star

Two Deputy Donut Mystery Book Reviews star
The novels in the Deputy Donut Mystery series are light and fun. They also contain donut recipes. No who doesn't like donuts?

Two for the Dough Book Review star

Under my Skin star

Unpunished star

Unpunished Book Review star
Jack Renner and Maggie Gardiner are back in the second book of the series; they're investigating what becomes serial murders at a large newspaper. Suspense is high, and Jack and Maggie's distrust of each other make them a unique duo.

When Bunnies Go Bad Book Review star

When the Bough Breaks Book Review star

White Leopard Book Review star

Wild Justice Book Review star

Wonton Terror star

You Betrayed Me Book Review star

Younger Book Review star
What if it was possible for you to use a miracle serum and look thirty years younger? Anna Wellingham is given that opportunity, but finds it may not be worth it. In fact, others who want the serum are willing to kill her for it.

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